Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's Nostalgia Week in Iselin, NJ

It's that time again... the week between the 4th of July and the Iselin Fair.  The time to look back at our childhood in Iselin, and think how wonderful everything would be if nothing had changed.

I remember going to Merrill Park on 4th of July.  We didn't picnic there, because we lived so close.  We'd have our picnic at home with our family, and swim in our pool in the backyard. We would walk over to see the show at Merrill Park for a little while in the afternoon.

At night, before the fireworks started, we went back to my house.  My cousins and I would run around catching lightning bugs and putting them in peanut butter jars with holes in the lid. 

Other families had sparklers.  I usually didn't.  I loved the way they looked, but I was always afraid of them, and the sparks shooting off them.  I think I grabbed the sparkly part one time when I was reallllly little, and burnt myself.

Then, late at night, (Well, it SEEMED late) when the fireworks started, we could see them light up the sky across the street from my house.  I have no idea how many fireworks I missed because of the trees blocking the view, but they were still magical.

After the fireworks, the real show would start. We LOVED to watch the traffic jam.  The cars would start to pour out of the park, and before long, no one could move.  Occasionally cars would sneak out along the dirt road along the brook.  It was fun watching everyone's frustration, especially to a guy like my Dad, who's never stayed for the end of an event in his life because he wants to "beat the traffic."

I would say I feel bad for my kids, missing all that.  But my kids had it pretty good.  We've taken them to see firework displays on the 4th of July at Boston, in California, and over Mt. Rushmore.  And now, we have the fireworks in Sewaren.

The other thing I reallllly miss about all those years ago?
My figure.  I used to look WAY better in a bathing suit. (I didn't even know it at the time; but yeah.  That was as good as it was ever going to get!)

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