Monday, March 25, 2013

More Newspaper History

I got this comment in my email today:

I believe the Independent Leader was located on Green St in the Woodbridge end of township.   I believe it was the STAR - LEDGER that gave away the parcels of land , or sold them reasonably, with subscriptions to their newspaper.  Thus the name the "STAR-EAGLE" section of town.
Lori C-Iselin resident since 1962

Can you imagine getting a free plot of land with a newspaper subscription?  That would be quite exciting.  I got an umbrella with a newspaper subscription once, and I was excited about that.  Newspapers are upset because no one seems to subscribe anymore -- maybe this is what they need to do again!  lol :)

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Spring Cleaning is in the air, and it would be great if everyone in Iselin spent a little time to make our neighborhood a little cleaner.  At JFK High School, there is a club called the Eco-Friendly Club, and they wanted to get rid of the litter people see when they first drive into Iselin off the Parkway.  When they found out they weren't allowed to clean up the messy stretch along Route 27, they decided to try another tactic.  This is the story I read in the JFK Newsletter... maybe you will sign their petition, too?

Eco-Friendly Club Petitions NJ Transit 
to Clean Up Exit 131
By: Ms. Danielle Sawyer
The JFKMHS Eco-Friendly club has started an
online petition on to appeal to NJ Transit
to clean up their property at Exit 131 off of the Garden
State Parkway.
The club members recently took notice of the area,
which is about a half mile stretch covered in litter beginning at the light on Route 27 at the Parkway South entrance/exit and ending at the light at the intersection of Green Street and Route 27 in Iselin.
The club members contacted Woodbridge Township expressing an interest in cleaning up the area in order to give visitors of Woodbridge Township who arrive via Exit 131 on the GSP a better impression of what the town has to offer.
However, students were told that the property belonged to NJ transit and that due to the close proximity to the street and the railroad tracks, it would not be safe for the club to organize a property clean-up. Instead, club members have decided to take a different course of action, petitioning NJ Transit to clean up the property themselves.
The petition,organized by club Vice President Ileana Race can befound on by clicking HERE.
It features pictures of the property as well as a description of the club’s appeal to NJ Transit. The club will start a heavy campaign toward collecting signatures both online and in person beginning mid-March. If you have not already done so, please visit the link above to sign the petition,and spread the word to everyone you know.  Woodbridge Township residents can unite to get this corporation to take proper care of their property to better represent our community!

This a picture of the page you will be directed to - please sign the petition, and share - get others to sign too!  Clean Up Iselin!!!
Sign the petition by going HERE!

The Old Newspaper Published on Green Street!

Click HERE to read these old papers!
Thanks to an anonymous comment, I think we have an answer for Landon about a newspaper published on Green Street.  The Independent-Leader was published on Green Street, and there are back issues available for viewing through the Woodbridge Library's web site.  You can see them if you go HERE.

How interesting is this? I spent a while just reading the paper... I love this old stuff.  This was the front page for March 29th, 1940.  If you click on the link it will bring you to the libary web site, where you can find different issues, and even make the pages larger so you can actually see the type.

Of course, it wasn't published in Iselin itself, but it was on Green Street, and I would expect that this is most likely the newspaper Landon was looking for.  And the news wasn't just Iselin, but Iselin news was included. 

Have fun reading, and thank you so much to the person who sent in the answer!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lost Dog

An Iselin friend of mine wrote on Facebook that her friend has a lost dog - if anyone knows anything, PLEASE email me and I'll pass the info along.  This is what she wrote:

"Hey Iselin, NJ people: my friend's dog has been missing since St. Patrick's Day. The friend lives on Elizabeth Ave, between Green and Woodruff streets. So please let me know if you see a pug wandering around in or near the area...or anywhere. Also, he thinks someone probably found the dog by now and is keeping him. Please return him, my friend would really like him back. Contact me if you need more info. Thanks."

Friday, March 22, 2013

Iselin Newspaper Possibilities...

Looking for the answer to a newspaper that may have been published on a 1924 printing press on Green Street in Iselin, I got these emails... anyone have any other ideas to add?

Cheryl wrote in: 
"Was there a newpaper called the STAR.
I remember someone telling me that Star Street in Iselin was developed because a newpaper gave away parcels of land for a subscription to the paper."
I'd heard that too. I have to look into the Star more.  Wasn't it something like the Star Eagle?

 Joe wrote in: "The Atom Tabloid was located on St. George Avenue just south of Chain O'Hills Road in Colonia.  Hope that helps."  That one is definitely close to Iselin... certainly a good possibility.  The Atom Tabloid was definitely my own first thought.

I really don't have the answer - at least not yet.  I will let you know if I find out more, though!

Anyone know of an Old Iselin Newspaper?

I just got this email, and I was wondering if anyone knew anything that could help this guy out:

Hi, I came across your blog while researching newspapers in Iselin.
I am in NC and just bought a gentlemen's one man print shop in Linden last weekend.  He told me the press was originally used at a newspaper in Iselin located on Green Street.  I was hoping you might know or know someone that knows what the name of this paper was.  I am trying to document ownership of the press for historical purposes.  It was made around 1924, its pretty cool. 
Anyway, its probably a long shot, but if you know anyone that could help me, please let me know.  

The only thing that came to my own mind was the Atom Tabloid, but I don't think it was published on Green Street - or was it?
Any other ideas out there? Please write in on the comments or email me at!  Thanks!

Friday, March 15, 2013

I am so happy it is finally the weekend :-)