Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kenny and Billy's Service Center in Iselin

When I was a little kid, my parents always brought our cars to Joe's Service Center on Route 27 to get repaired. Joe and Bruno always took good care of them. I, of course, never left Iselin, and so I continued to bring my cars to Joe's.  Well, sometime around 1998, Joe passed away... and Billy Cochran and Kenny Wenzel bought the shop.  And yup, I've been going to Billy and Kenny's Service Center ever since.

Bill, Ken and Joe Lee had all worked for Joe and Bruno for years and years before they took over the business. (Although somewhere in the middle there, Kenny took some time out to go into the Marines.)  So they've been a part of Iselin for a really long time.  And this is exactly what's great about Iselin.  We've got deep roots.
"We've got generations of customers coming here," Kenny told me.  "Just like your family.  The older generation came here, and then their kids, and now their kid's kids." 

Joe Lee, Ken Wenzel, Bill Cochran, and Nick Kemper
Kenny and Billy's Service Center is more about service and repairs and less about selling gas.  They do have a gas pump, but it's more for the convenience of their customers, and because Joe and Bruno had it.  Mostly, they love to fix stuff.  If you have a car that needs work, the answer is "Sure."  That's one of the things people love most about them.  The "can-do" attitude -- They say they'll do it, and then they get it done.  Plus, well, for myself, I just know I can trust them.  After all, they've been in Iselin for years.

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