Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Night - Date Night
at the new Makoto Restaurant in Avenel

 My husband and I like to go out to eat.  And we wanted to go somewhere romantic tonight... so we decided to go to Makoto.

Makoto is the new Asian Cuisine restaurant on St. George Avenue in Avenel.  It's across the street from the Hess gas station, do you know where I mean? There is a tanning salon in the same little mini-mall.  Does it look familiar?

We've been there a few times already, and I knew I had to write about it. 

For one thing, it's such a beautiful atmosphere.  And the owners and chefs are very friendly people.  May and Andy own the restaurant.  They've only been open for about two months now, but I can see that the business is starting to build.  Before this, May told me, they had a small take-out place in New York.  Makoto is the restaurant they were dreaming of and working towards, and they've put a great deal of thought into the details.
Miso Soup, Salad and Tea
But the most thought of all has gone into the food.  I've been impressed every time that we've gone for dinner at Makoto.  It's always fresh and delicious.  Care is taken to make the food as beautiful as it is tasty.  
"Angry Dragon" Sushi - beautiful from every angle!

Genera Tso's Chicken
Frank - my husband - loves sushi, and he's gotten it here at Makoto lots of times in the last two months. He says the sushi is excellent, and I take his word for it - he loves it.  A lot of times I'll get Tempura; but I also like chinese food, and Makoto has some of that, too; and some Thai food, and some very artistic dishes!  Tonight, I got General Tso's Chicken, which I love.

And a beautiful dessert!

So Frank and I had a nice romantic dinner, with lots of food... it doesn't get any better than that!

(Hey, if you go to the Makoto, tell May you heard about the place from my blog!)

Makoto Asian Cuisine -
1224 Saint Georges Avenue
Avenel, NJ 07001
(732) 636-3999

You can visit their website

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