Friday, April 29, 2011

Iselin is Wild!

 I had to take a walk yesterday after all that rain, and of course I took a few photos.  I walked over to the brook and everything looked so green and lush and spring-y!  I had flip-flops on, but ended up walking barefoot through mud puddles.  I highly recommend it.

I saw a lot of little white flowers and these purple violets, and a scattering of dandelions, which I know most of you think are weeds, but AREN'T!  Dandelions are a beautiful addition to a lawn, bright yellow and cheerful and actually edible - my grandfather always used to pick dandelions this time of year for a salad.  And I'm pretty sure that these Violets are the Jersey state flower.

Well, like I said, I walked over to the brook, and I was really excited to see this bird... the one over to the right, do you see it?  I THINK it's a Great White Egret.  But I'm not that good at bird identification.  Actually, there were two of them -- I wonder if they nest in brooks?  That would be great.  Anyway, I also saw the usual suspects - plenty of Mallards. 
I got some good birding information HERE, on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's "All About Birds" website.  There is even bird songs, it's fun to look through. (Well, fun for ME, anyway.  But I like walking barefoot in mud, so what do I know?)

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