Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Tribute to Corporal Reinhard and Every Veteran

I didn't write the following; it was an email that I received today.  It was a beautiful tribute, so I've decided to post it.   Thank you to the author for sending it to me, and my thanks, added to hers, to Corporal Reinhard and each and every Veteran.

  Today as I stood on Inman Avenue awaiting Marine Corporal Reinhard's funeral procession. I was in awe of the amount of people who turned out to show support to the family and community and their Thanks to Corporal Reinhard . It was so moving.
  I looked across the street from where I was standing,to the line of people in front of Foodtown ,there I saw standing  older gentleman patiently awaiting the procession. As I looked at him a little closer I saw this older gentleman was standing so erect while holding his oxygen tank in his hand. It was cold, not bitter ,but cold and this wonderful man never faltered . He stood erect chest out with a sense of pride within himself to be an American. When the procession passed by him he stood erect and saluted Corporal Rienhard . I watched him and thought how proud I am to live in a country like ours. When he turned to walk away I saw his black jacket had U.S.Army on it.

I never got the chance to meet this man or thank him for his service to our country.  I can only hope he reads this some where and knows what a profound effect he had on us .

We all need to thank people like Corporal Reinhard and men like this gentleman for their sense of pride which allows us to live in a free country.

May we all salute Corporal Reinhard and each and ever veteran who has ever fought for our rights of free speech , liberty and justice for all.

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