Friday, February 24, 2012

A Great Show by Joan Osborne last night!

So... I went to the Joan Osborne show last night.  Beautiful!  The whole Music on Main thing in Woodbridge is a great opportunity for true music lovers in our neighborhood - it's a chance to see some seriously talented people perform, and it's such a small venue, it's like they are performing for you alone.  The show was beautiful, and Joan still has a great voice. 

Joan Osborne was always one of my favorite female artists.  Sure, the song "What if God was One of Us" was her big hit, but I had a few of her compact discs on heavy rotation for several years.  For a while there, it seemed like she disappeared.  Or maybe I did - I can't always keep up with what all of my favorite artists are doing on any year, and I stopped listening to her disc for a while.  I hear she's releasing a new disc soon, though, and I can't wait to listen.

I'm also looking forward to seeing another one of the Music on Main shows one of these days.  If you like music, you'll make a point to get there, too...

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