Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hyperlocal News in Iselin, NJ

The "Hyperlocal" news website Woodbridge InJersey came to an offical close today with a letter from founder Ted Mann. You can read it HERE... or at least, you can for now... I guess at some point they'll take down the whole site.

I feel sad about it ending, because it was a good place for local information, and I was really happy when the Iselin Times was included. I guess (especially in the beginning) it kind of "validated" my own blog, seeing that a real reporter thought some of the stories I wrote about were worth putting on a REAL web site. Now, I feel like I've accomplished something, since I've outlasted that same real news page.

I guess a big part of the reason I was able to outlast it was because this is a hobby and not a business or a career for me. I don't make any money here... sure, I'd LIKE to, but it hasn't happened :) LOL. Maybe someday.

For some reason, I just enjoy telling people how wonderful Iselin really is, and sharing fun things from around town, and taking pictures and writing stories. And I get a LOT of enjoyment out of seeing my viewership rise. Every month the number of people who look at the Iselin Times increases. So far this month, 1757 people have viewed the site. That's up from 1597 in May and up from 1168 in April. And a lot of that traffic came to me from Woodbridge InJersey's links.

So now that Woodbridge InJersey is gone, will I still have any readers? That remains to be seen. But I hope that you keep checking the Iselin Times! Thank you!

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