Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Baby, it's HOT outside!
Watch out for Heat Stroke!

ARE YOU STAYING COOL AND DRINKING ENOUGH WATER TODAY??? It's important not to over do it, or to dehydrate in this heat!

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Heat stroke is extremely dangerous - it can even be fatal, so be CAREFUL today! Unlike heat cramps and heat exhaustion, which are less severe but still dangerous, heat stroke is a true medical emergency that can be fatal if not properly and promptly treated. But if you're having heat cramps, it's a good time to cool off right away so it doesn't get any worse!

Your body is usually able to cool itself down by sweating - which cools you as it evaporates - or by just plain radiating heat through your skin. But when it's REALLY hot out, in extreme heat, high humidity, or when you are working or exercising hard under the sun, your body may not be able to get rid of the heat fast enough. Your body temperature rises, and if it goes too high it can be a serious problem. Another BIG cause of heat stroke is dehydration. A dehydrated person may not be able to sweat fast enough to get rid of the heat, which causes the body temperature to rise.

Those most susceptible individuals to heart strokes are infants, the elderly, athletes, and today - basically anyone who does anything outside!

Symptoms of heat exhaustion include:
muscle cramps and aches, and

However, you might not even notice the symptoms of heat exhaustion. Some individuals can go right into symptoms of heat stroke without warning.

Some of the common symptoms of heat stroke include:

high body temperature,
the absence of sweating,
with hot red or flushed dry skin,
rapid pulse,
difficulty breathing,
strange behavior,
seizure, and/or

If you or anyone around you start exhibiting these symptoms, cool them down immediately, and call for medical help. It's not something to take lightly!

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