Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Berry Tree grows in Iselin

This is a mulberry.
It's growing in my front yard.
It hangs over the sidewalk - I'm sorry if it hits you in the face as you walk past my house, I haven't gotten around to trimming it lately, I plan on pruning it but time is short! :)
I didn't plant it. It sprung up whole from the ground, planted by a bird, I guess.
I first noticed the weedy shrub in my garden a few springs ago; I noticed it because the leaves are all different shapes. (I didn't notice it because it was a weed in my garden. That is very common, unfortunately.) But a few different shaped leaves all on one tree? That was kinda unusual, I thought. So I let it keep growing.
When I finally got around to looking it up, I learned that it was a mulberry. That was when I decided that I had to keep it.

I remember when I was a little kid, walking to Merrill Park with my Dad. We would walk along the railroad tracks, and there were a few trees - they might still be there - that had black berries hanging from them. My Dad would pick a few, and eat them, and pick a few more for me, and let me eat them. They were mulberries too, of course. So a mulberry tree in my own yard seems like a wonderful thing, a childhood memory come back!
Not to mention my Gram, singing "Here we go round the mulberry bush, so early in the morning!" Another childhood memory.

Well, last year we got a pretty decent crop of berries. The birds loved them. I ate a few, and froze a few for later.
This year, though, I have high hopes.
I want to pick a whole bunch, and make mulberry jelly.
Or maybe mulberry wine - but that seems MUCH more complicated.

OK, maybe I'm crazy. Because you'll notice all the things I DON'T have time for, right? I haven't gotten around to weeding the garden, or pruning the tree. It took a long time to even look up what kind of tree it was. But now I want spend a lot of time picking ALL the mulberries and then I want to learn to make wine.

I can't help it. My priorities have never been sensible.

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