Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"What can we do?"

Ain't summer wonderful? The kids wait all year to be out of school, and then it's only a week into July and they are wondering what they should do.

How 'bout going to the mall? It's air conditioned at least!
At Woodbridge Center, you could hit the Starbucks for this deal:

Starbucks "Treat Receipt"

6/29/2010 - 10/4/2010

Customers who make any purchase before 2pm can return the SAME DAY after 2pm, with their receipt and enjoy any grande COLD beverage for only $2 (plus tax)! See store for details.

LOCATION: Starbucks

TIME: After 2pm

SPONSOR: Starbucks

CONTACT: 732-602-6200

Maybe hit Sandy Hook? Well, we don't have that much time, and it's getting late already.  Maybe tomorrow!

Cheesequake has a nice lake, and it's closer - exit 120 off the parkway.... check HERE 

Maybe you want to go bowling? There should be open bowling.  Click here for open bowling times at Woodbridge Bowling Center, Main Street in Woodbridge.

I have an idea, how about going roller skating at the Woodbridge Community Center?
That might be good. And there are coupons on line, check HERE.

Just a few ideas.  Or maybe you want to start your summer reading for school?
NO?  Why not? 

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