Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wanna see some fireworks?

Most neighborhoods have people shooting fireworks off illegally. I hate that, because I'm a worrier - I'm always afraid someone is going to blow their hands off or something. Why don't you go watch a nice professional display of fireworks? Much better.

Everyone said that Woodbridge's fireworks display, held last night, was lovely. I missed it, because I decided to stay home and cook for today's picnic instead. I'm hoping to see my share of firecrackers tonight and tomorrow.

Tonight you can see fireworks in Carteret - 9:15 PM at the Waterfront Park and Veteran's Memorial Pier.

Or you can watch them at Donaldson Park in Highland Park, at 9:30 PM.

Tomorrow - how about going in to Hoboken and watching the Macy's fireworks along the Hudson River? That sounds pretty exciting. You can get the PATH train to Hoboken... check NJ Transit for more information.

Or maybe you want to go to Asbury Park and watch the fireworks down the shore... you KNOW how I love Asbury Park! There is a parade and festival at 1:00, and fireworks from the 2nd and 4th Avenue Beach at 9:30. This is the fireworks from last year:

Have fun, be careful, don't blow off your fingers!


  1. if you are doing so much picnic cooking, its only fair somebody should bring the fireworks to you. or don't you serve finger food?

    happy fourth of july, sue.

  2. :D I agree....
    and finger food...LOL
    Happy Fourth to you as well!