Saturday, July 10, 2010

They're almost ready!


St. Cecelia's Fair is the social event of the season, and they've been planning and setting up for days. (Actually, I didn't even take these pictures today. I took them a few days ago, when my husband and I took a nice leisurely stroll around town. Can you tell?) These are going to be the food tents I assume. I really like the barrel idea, since obviously they can't put tent pegs into the asphalt driveway.

The fair used to be a bigger deal. I must admit, it's less exciting now that I'm an adult, and it certainly isn't the same fair I remember as a child. Things always change whether we like it or not.

But I do hope the church does well with it. They do a lot of work to make it fun for everyone.

I'll probably get there at the end of the week. Maybe. If I'm there, maybe I'll see ya in the beer tent?
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