Saturday, May 22, 2010

Patrick Daniels Eagle Project
Group Photos

It was a lovely day to hang out in the park... and work...

Pat Daniels had a great group of people turn out to give him a hand with his Eagle Project.
Even the Mayor stopped by for a while!

And the final product came out pretty nice.


  1. i'm glad so many people turned out to help pat with his wonderful project! i love the brick walkway and the bushes. it turned out really nice.

  2. p.s. iselin looks perfect. i thought you said it wasn't perfect? i don't see any oil spills anywhere. and look, you have a sculpture without graffiti on it.

  3. Thanks, Sera! It did come out well, didn't it?
    As for the graffiti -- it's possible no one thought of that yet. The gazebo wasn't as lucky... But I guess Iselin is close enough to perfect for me...