Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Sun and the Moon

 Did you see that beautiful big moon last night?  It was almost full... tonight it's actually full.

And, from what I've read, there is also a solar storm today:

Solar Storm today: the National Weather Service is predicting solar storm activity today through tomorrow morning (Fri. 3/9).

What's a solar storm ? Technically called a "coronal mass injection" it's a cloud of energized particles which can inject voltage onto the power grid.

What does this mean for you ? You may experience issues with global positioning systems or radio transmissions. Airports and public safety agencies rely on these devices, and so do many other individuals and professions.

What are we doing about it ? We're working with NJ's utilities through the NJ Board of Public Utilities to mitigate impact by lowering the power grid output. In extreme cases, a "rolling blackout" situation might be experienced.
 This was a link at the bottom of the article, to NOAA:
"2012-03-08 11:32 UTC  Geomagnetic Storm has Started, Solar Radiation Storm Continues
The coronal mass ejection (CME) associated with the R3 (Strong) Radio Blackout event from 0024 UTC March 7 (7:24 p.m. EST March 6) arrived at ACE at 1045 UTC today (5:45 a.m. EST March 8).  So far the orientation of the magnetic field has been opposite of what is needed to cause the strongest storming.  As the event progresses, that field will continue to change.  Based on overall strength, the predictions for periods reaching the G3 level look justified.  Additionally, the Solar Radiation Storm levels remain above the S3 (Strong) threshold at this time, with values rising at the moment with the shock arrival. Region 1429 remains potent and subsequent activity is certainly possible. Updates here as conditions warrant."

Full Moon and Sun Storm... and a beautiful spring day. Take it easy today!

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