Saturday, March 10, 2012

My TV Time

My TV Time
Posted by Von Battle
For years we’ve just had basic television service. I’ve never been that in to tv and movies to pay for additional movie channels. Last month when we renewed our subscription, we received direct tv promotions that provided us with some free movie channels for a few months. Now I am hooked on HBO’s True Blood! I read several of the Sookie Stackhouse series books several years ago and knew the show was out there but hadn’t watched any episodes. The books were good but I didn’t get hooked on them like a lot of people. Now I am like a kid at Christmas waiting for each new episode. I completely understand now why they do these promotions. Once our free offer is up I will have to sign up because I can’t imagine waiting until the end of the season to watch the episodes on dvd. My husband and kids know not to disturb me on Sunday nights—it’s my time with the television so they might as well get lost!

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