Saturday, March 24, 2012

Photo Contest Entries!

Photo Courtesy of Frank and Ellie Kemper
 I've got two entries for my "Spring In Iselin" photo contest....  and here they are!
A few ducks landed on my in-law's lawn the other day, and they snapped a few shots and asked if they could enter them into the photo contest... OF COURSE!

You can even see the duck on their mailbox.  My Father in Law said it was "Home sweet home" for the male duck, but the momma duck I think he said was "off to work."  She wandered around the area - shopping around or something - while the male just waited for her, right where he is in this photo.

One of these photos MIGHT be the winner!  But we still have until April 15th, so who knows?  Send me YOUR photo of Spring in Iselin, and give them some competition... and check out the rules of the photo contest below!
Photo Courtesy of Frank and Ellie Kemper

"SPRING IN ISELIN" PHOTO CONTEST RULES Deadline to enter is April 15th. Take a picture of something that means "Spring in Iselin" to you, and I'll pick one photo to win a 2.5 gallon container of Maglione's Italian Ice, (which you'll have to pick up in Iselin!) You can take a picture of anything you want, but I have the right to turn down photos that are inappropriate or negative. You have to promise that YOU are the person who took the photo, and that you have all rights to the photo. Nothing copyrighted or shared from somewhere else. You are giving me the right to use the photo, whether you win or not. But I'll give you credit whenever I use it. And I reserve the right to NOT use the photo, for whatever reason I might have. I will choose the winner - I might ask for other judges to help me if I have trouble deciding. If it's really close and I can't decide, I might take my top choices and decide the best one at random. But my decision is final. Obviously, I have to be able to see the photo in order to decide. You can either send me a .jpeg file in an email, at, or you can tag Iselin Times in it on Facebook. If I see it, and it's in the running, I'll post it on the Iselin Times. I'm going to limit it to no more than three (3) photo entries per person. Remember, it's for fun. I hope people are interested and enter!!!

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