Friday, November 2, 2012

Iselin Power

 My power is still out, but I've found out that you can get internet service in the parking lot at the Iselin Library, even if the Library isn't open!  Yet another reason to support our local library!

I haven't heard anything beyond the official party line from PSEG - which is basically that the power is out, and they'll set it back as soon as they can.  I'm hoping it's today, but I'm not holding my breath.  We've been very lucky that it isn't colder out!  I just heard from a friend that everytime she checks, they say something different.  The true answer is "it will be on when it is on."  And sometimes, it will be on, and then it will go off again, which is what I'm hearing from a lot of people.

I saw electric trucks from ILLINOIS today, turning onto Green Street.  That's wonderful!

And I hear vague hints of bad weather next week... not THAT bad, but I'd really like some tropically warm sunny days for a while!

We're going to have to think about this winter, and being prepared for bad weather and long outages.  It's good to be prepared!

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  1. Hi, the Main Library and Henry Inman Branch Library (Colonia) have power, internet and are OPEN. The Main Library has WIFI and extra charging locations available.