Friday, November 9, 2012


During the storm, with no electricity, I went through my entire stash of candles.  Towards the end I actually needed to go out and get more candles, because I'd almost completely run out.  And I discovered something:
I really do like Party Lite candles best.
The cheaper candles I bought didn't last nearly as long.

So this may seem like an ad, but I am not making any money by doing this plug for Party Lite, so it's not really an ad.  It's an opinion, and I'd like to help out a local friend.

My friend Janine LaRocque lives near Merrill Park, and she has a Party Lite business (Avon too, but that's another post) - and she is having a "Party Lite Stock Up Sale."

This is the post from her Facebook Page:
I'll be placing a PartyLite order on November 13th to restock all the candles I used during the hurricane. 
If you would like to order, let me know or go to my website and where it says Click Here to look up your Host if you're placing an order for a Party put in my name Janine LaRocque. 
Guest specials include buy 1 get 1 for $5 ANY style candle! 
November scent of the month is Cinnamon & Bayberry, and of course for every $50 you spend you get ANY item 1/2 off! 
If too many scents going at once drove you crazy (it did me) PartyLite does offer unscented candles as well in tealights, votives and GloLite pillars. 
The GloLite were awesome during our 5 1/2 days of no power! They emitted the most light! Even Brian (who could care less about candles) liked that one the best!


  1. diana sosienski smithNovember 10, 2012 at 10:26 AM

    I completely agree! When you go to a Party Lite party (always fun) and they say how good their candles are you are thinking "yeah sure" ... and then when you actually use them (or compare them to other brands) you see that they were telling the truth, it was not just a sales pitch. Glad to hear the candles kept you litup and sweetly scented while you were out of power.

    I'm from Iselin/Colonia and I live in England now but I LOVE your blog, Sue, it "feels like home"! Love, Dee xx

  2. Thanks Dee! Holly mentioned that you were enjoying the blog, and I'm glad to hear from you. I can imagine that England is a great place to live! Have a great week!