Monday, July 30, 2012

School Board Elections ...
Coming Soon to a Polling Place near you...

I received this press release today:

(Woodbridge) - Ezio Tamburello and Dan Harris have announced they are running as a team in this year’s school board elections on November 6.

“I’m excited to be running for re-election and I know Dan Harris and I will work hard for the parents and students of Woodbridge Township” said Tamburello, who is currently Vice President of the Woodbridge Township School Board.  Harris is running as a first time candidate and believes he has the right stuff to be a Board member. 

Dan Harris has been a long time community advocate and believes a Board member’s role in the budget process is critically important now more than ever. “With the annual school operating budget no longer part of the election process, the decision to elect the most effective Board members is of greater importance,” he said. 

The candidates will announce their Moving Forward Agenda in the near future and will bring their message to the people via their website @

Tamburello added, “Simply put, we vow that our decisions will make both academic and economic sense for our students and taxpayers”.

So, I guess the electioneering has begun.  I'm going to have to go back and do some research!

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