Friday, July 27, 2012

Iselin's India Day Parade is On,
At least in Iselin!

Given the conflict between the Iselin and Edison Indian Organizations that wanted to hold a parade, I was curious about the status of the Iselin parade. So I contacted the Woodbridge's Director of Communications, John Hagerty. This is what he replied:
"The Township is not involved in the discussions between the groups. The Township issued a permit to the Indian Business Association, Inc. for the India Independence Day Parade in (the Iselin section of )Woodbridge (Oak Tree Road) for Sun., Aug. 12, 2012. Otherwise, the groups are working to come to terms."
So, it's on for August 12th, at least here in Iselin!


  1. There are some words that come to mind and can be passed on to find their meanings. These words can be listed to get people (Indian) view on them or how it relates.
    1) GROW UP
    2) LEARN/ADOPT (goodness/good deeds)and CHANGE
    4) DRIVE or Learn to drive with courtesy/respect
    5) Indian Political (and Organisation) Leaders
    6) Patience/Honesty/Integrity/Respect
    7) True India or Indian - Satyamev Jayate

  2. Ok, well, I've put up your comment. I don't really follow where you are going with it. I think that all people should learn some of these things. I'm not really even slightly aware of the politics in the Indian community, and I think that is reasonable, considering that I can only marginally handle the American politics.

    Does anyone else want to comment on this comment? If so, please keep it polite. Thank you.