Monday, July 16, 2012

Oh No! Yoan's Garden was robbed!

Did you hear about Yoan's Garden?  They got robbed!!!

Yoan's Garden is a GREAT chinese food place here in Iselin.  I always order my chinese food from them.  According to what I read in the Woodbridge Patch this morning, they were robbed last Sunday.  Videos show a white female robbing the place.

What a shame!!!  People work hard for their money, and I can't understand why anyone would be able to even consider breaking in somewhere and taking something that doesn't belong to them.  I guess with a video tape, the police will hopefully have an easier time of tracking down the thief.

And I guess that gives me an good excuse to order lunch out today.  I'm gonna support Yoan's Garden and get an order of beef and broccoli, and maybe some steamed dumplings -- how 'bout you?

Their restaurant review on gives them 4.5 stars with 7 reviews.  That seems pretty good, in my opinion.  You can read the reviews on Yelp, and you can also check out their menu.

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