Friday, May 13, 2011

Maglione Italian Ices -
A Traditional Iselin Favorite!

Maglione's Italian Ices has been an important part of Iselin since.... well, since before I can remember.  One of my fondest early memories as a child was going to the park with my Dad, and getting a cherry ice in a paper cup from the Maglione's Italian Ice stand over by the playground. (I remember chewing on the paper cup after the ice was done, because it was just THAT GOOD!)
Say "HI!" if you see Mr. Vinny at Merrill!

3rd Generation - Michael & Sergio
I'm pretty sure that everyone who remembers "old Iselin" will be happy to know that Maglione's push cart is still in Merrill Park, and they are still selling Cherry Italian Ice - and lemon, and blueberry... from the same delicious home-made recipe that they used when we were kids.

Mike and George discussing the Lemon Ice
And there are still Magliones making the ices. Ralph Sr. started selling Italian Ices 50 something years ago, and the family has continued the tradition all these years. Mike, George and Toni are running the business now, and there's also a third generation of Magliones who are learning the ropes.
Mike and Rich in the deep freezer!

If you're having a party or a picnic this summer, you can order Italian Ices in these huge 5 gallon buckets, which will give you about 100 of those delicious 5 oz paper cups (or 140 of the smaller 3.5 oz paper cups) - and they also have a 2.5 gallon size.
Michelle and Christina at a recent event
Or, you can go to Merrill Park, Roosevelt Park, or Johnson Park to get yourself an ice - or look for one of the push carts at a special event, like the Woodbridge Street Fair or the Rahway "Hot Rods and Harleys" show this weekend!


  1. Yeay!!!! Great memories...Rainbow ices rock!!!

  2. I love that ice so much I had to buy a truck and sell your dads ice. The good old days were worth so much more back them. Keep making that ice so I can bring my grandchilden to the prk and have some. Good Luck guys & Toni.
    Al Mazzarelli