Sunday, May 6, 2012

Vandalism at JFK High School

I just read this article in the news, and you can see the article HERE.

The article said that twice in a very short period of time, vandals messed up JFK high school.  It seems to me that someone is pretty mad, and is trying to make some kind of a statement?  Talk about an ineffective way of getting your point across. If you are mad about something, there are definitely more productive ways of letting people know.  Acting out like this is pretty sad. 

On the other hand, sometimes I suppose people can just be destructive because of the anarchistic exhilaration of messing up something that isn't yours....  Also pretty sad and immature.

I hope they catch whoever did it.  It's our tax dollars these vandals are spending. 

Did you know that there is an anonymous hotline for people with information about crimes like this?  It's called WE TIP.  Are you afraid to report crime information that you are aware of, because you are afraid that someone will find out?  You can call WE TIP completely anonymously - you do NOT give your name or any other information.

If you know anything about this vandalism, or other crimes related to our schools, call (800) 78-CRIME - (800)782-7463.

Sometimes, if you are the first to report information about a crime, and your report is verified and leads to an arrest and a conviction, you could even get a reward.  You would have to ask for a code name and number when you give your report.   The reward would be sent to a post office drop, using assigned code name and case numbers - you would still be anonymous. 

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