Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ever hear of Senior Hooky Day?

Well, it was Senior Hooky Day for me and my friends when we were young, but it's called Senior Cut Day now. And when I was young, it was only for seniors - but I've heard that most of the senior High School seems to "celebrate" it these days! On my Senior Hooky Day, I went to Sandy Hook. I wonder where kids today go? It isn't really beach weather most years - it's a little too early -- but it's the time of year that you are excited to start getting your tan... Ah, the good old days! I don't want to tan anymore!

Today is actually Ascension Thursday, but for all the "religious" students of the local high schools, it's Senior Cut Day. Ascension Thursday is the Catholic/Christian holiday, 40 days after Easter, when Jesus rose into heaven. (I wonder how many of the kids who will "celebrate" it today even know that?) It's an actual holiday, and a huge number of the students take advantage of that fact by not going to school. I'm pretty sure that they all make it into church and then pray all day... don't they?

Happy Ascension Thursday... or Senior Cut Day... or whatever YOU are celebrating today!

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