Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Etan Patz Case Closed!

Wow, I really never thought that they would ever manage to solve this mystery.

Etan Patz was a little boy in New York in 1979, when he was allowed to walk to school by himself for the first time.
Tragically, he went missing... and for years, no one knew what had happened to him.  I guess his parents may have held out hope, because there was never a body.  I have no idea what their emotions, thoughts, dreams could have been.  It was just the saddest thing ever, and it affected everyone.

Because you know what happened then, don't you?  That was the end of the innocence and the beginning of the society that we have now.  It was the end of letting kids walk to school by themselves without being worried about what might happen, the end of letting kids hang out on their own until the street lights came on.  It was the beginning of stranger danger, and arranged play dates, and keeping the kids in the house all the time unless you could go out with them. It was the end of sending the kids down to the park to run around and play, and the beginning of making them sit in front of the TV on the couch until you had an hour free and you could take them. 

And now, it seems that they've actually found the guy who did it.  I can only imagine what THAT trial is going to be like.  God will judge him, I certainly don't want to. 

And I hope his parents have some peace... and rest in peace, Etan.

And tomorrow? Tomorrow is National Missing Children's Day.

If you want to read the whole story, you can read the New York Times article HERE.

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