Saturday, June 2, 2012

Why is Green Street closed?

I couldn't figure out why the street was blocked, since nothing seemed to be going on!  It was driving me crazy, so I stopped and asked the officer, Patrolman Miniet, who was sitting in the car preventing anyone from going down Green Street.  

Turns out there was a water main break - not here, but down by Worth Street.  It's important to keep the trucks off Green Street right now, because the street is weak and repairs need to be made ... not right in this spot, but down they are diverting everything out of here, and making the trucks take Chain o Hills to Route 35, where they can get on Route 1 - which is basically what they want to do anyway.  

It seems that they have lost water in a lot of places, like in the condos.  I hope everything is back to normal soon!
So, there ya go... another mystery solved!

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