Friday, June 1, 2012

Did you see this article about Iselin Burglaries?

I just saw this article on the Woodbridge Patch, HERE.  Did you read it?

I always wonder, when I read something like this, about the situation.  What was he doing in Iselin in the first place?  Why here?  Does he know someone around here, or was he just randomly riding around?  And...Why on a bike?  And... was my car open, and did he grab something from me and I didn't even notice?  Like my spare change or something?

"Jersey City Bike Rider Arrested on Suspicion of Iselin Burglaries

It was a long haul from Jersey City to Iselin by bicycle.

They knew him by his yellow bicycle.
Woodbridge police nabbed a suspect last week on suspicion of a string of burglaries in the Iselin section of the township.
Eliezer Guzman, 23, of Jersey City was caught at 4:30 am on May 21 after cops received a report of a man in a black baseball cap, riding a yellow bike, was filching items from cars in the neighborhood.
A description of the suspect was broadcast, and Sgt. Joseph Licciardi saw a man who answered to the description standing next to a Kia at the corner of North Main and Middlesex Essex Turnpike. The interior light of the car was on, and the man - who turned out to be Guzman - was standing nearby with his yellow bike.
Guzman, police said, admitted that the bike in question was his.
He was arrested on charges of burglaries to vehicles in the Star Street and North Main Street area of Iselin. Guzman was held on a $5,000 bond with no 10 percent option and transported to the Middlesex County Adult Correctional Facility in North Brunswick."

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