Sunday, April 15, 2012


This weekend really felt like summer, didn't it? I was so happy to be outside, enjoying myself relaxing in the great out doors! What about you?

 One thing I realized from this weekend - I'm going to need to fix up my yard a little better. I've been seeing so many cute pictures of nice yards on Pinterest, I have a lot of great ideas.

Like... Can't you just imagine relaxing in one of these rockers on a nice summer day, with a glass of iced tea?

I am so excited! I found a great store online called "Terrabound Solutions," and they have so many really nice
Adirondack chairs  like these.  (I actually got this photo from their website.)  Best of all?  Free shipping AND made in the USA!  I think these rockers are my favorite.  But Terrabound also has  Picnic Tables and Park Benches ... just in time for summer!

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