Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kiddie Keep Well Camp:
Ben Ghiano's Eagle Project

Today was a beautiful day to work outside.
When you have a lot of hard, sweaty work to do, you want the weather to be just slightly cool and sunny and beautiful, right?  It's the kind of day that makes me happy to wake up early and get going, a day when I have plenty of energy, and after working hard on the garden or some outdoor project I feel a real sense of accomplishment.  That's the kind of day I'm talking about, and that's the perfect kind of day for an Eagle Project.

Ben Ghiano is a resident of Iselin and a student at St. Joseph's High School in Metuchen.  He's also a Boy Scout at Troop 523 in Colonia - and, more to the point, he's an Eagle Scout candidate.  And today he organized his friends, troop, and family members, and worked on improving the campfire ring for Kiddie Keep Well Camp in Roosevelt Park.

Strangely enough, as long as I've lived around here, I've never actually gone up and looked around at the Kiddie Keep Well camp.  I never even knew they had a website - but you can see it HERE. 

According to the camp website, "The John E. Toolan Kiddie Keep Well Camp is a non-profit (charitable) corporation that provides residential camping experiences for children, and senior citizens, from Middlesex County, at no cost to their families."  It's set on "a beautiful 13-acre retreat that adjoins 217-acre Roosevelt Park."

So, Ben had a good turnout for his project - lots of kids came out to help, and plenty of work got done.  When the campers show up this season, they will have an upgraded fire ring, freshly painted and repaired benches,  and a new stage for their campfire program.  It's the kind of maintenance and improvements that need to get done once in a while!

One of the great things about an Eagle Project is seeing how hard a group of boys can work on something - with little or no nagging from Mom and Dad.  It's also great to see them doing it THEMSELVES.  Talk about a learning experience.  Sure, they have some adults to help, but these boys are doing the work of adults.

Great job, Ben!

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