Thursday, August 9, 2012

Watch out for SCAM!

Woodbridge Police Department & Division on Aging

Warn Senior Residents of Telephone Scam 

Caller In Possession of Personal Checking Account Information... Victim Asked to Verify Information To Secure New Medical Insurance Card
Anyone with Information Asked to Contact the WPD at 732-634-7700 
Woodbridge Twsp.  – The Woodbridge Police Department (WPD) and the Woodbridge Township Division on Aging is warning Senior residents of a telephone scam whereby the caller advises that they are from an insurance company and that they are calling the Senior resident to verify checking account information in order to obtain a new medical insurance identification card.  The WPD warning comes in light of several Senior residents reporting the scam to the Division on Aging.   
According to Woodbridge Police Director Robert Hubner, the Division on Aging reports that several Township senior residents have received telephone calls wherein the caller advises that they represent an insurance company (no specific company name reported) and that the resident must verify personal checking account information in order to obtain a valid medical insurance identification card.  In all instances, the caller had obtained the victim’s actual checking account routing and account number(s) .   
The Division on Aging advises Senior residents that should they receive a contact to not confirm any information and to request to speak to a supervisor and/or obtain the caller’s phone number.  Victims should immediately contact their bank to report the scam and request that the bank cancel the checking account.  If you believe that you have fallen victim to this scam or one like it, please contact the WPD Detective Bureau at 732-634-7700 x7385 to report the incident.

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