Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Congratulations, Graduates! - and Lessons for Next Year...

Yesterday was graduation day at JFK. 
I didn't go, my son graduates next year.
But I did hear and see some interesting tidbits about the ceremony that I thought I'd share with you...

For those of you who think that the administrators don't really "care," or really do any work for that matter --
Mr. Cilento got out there and set up the chairs for graduation HIMSELF, with volunteers from the staff, because there were so few custodians around to get things done.  When something needs to get done, they get it done, and that's it. 

Then - the ceremony itself... It started out sunny, but sure enough, the rain came on through when they were only part of the way through the evening... and once it had started raining, you have to wonder if there is any point to dragging all of those people (who are all already soaked!) in to the building?  So they didn't - they stayed outside in the rain to finish up!

My own observation is that there is NO WAY that THAT many people can fit inside the building.  And even with tickets, you have a problem with crowd control.  Who would be the person to step back and say, "No, that's all right, I'll miss the rest of the ceremony, you go on ahead!"  You run a much bigger risk of having parents and family members trampling each other.  Not to mention the amount of time it would take to sort those people out - who has tickets?  Who doesn't?  Who swears they have them, just wait a second, it was right here somewhere...  How long would it take to get all of those people into the building and all sorted out?  Quite some time.  And heck, they are wet already anyway. 

The lessons I have learned from this:
1.  It would be a great idea if the Board of Ed would consider moving the graduation ceremony to 2:00 PM or so - because usually, those summer thunder storms come up in the evening, not in the middle of the day.
2.  Next year - everyone carry a rain poncho, just in case.
In fact, that would be a nice gift from the PFF to the graduating seniors. 

Also - this morning the janitors gathered up a handful of tassles that flew off people's mortarboard graduation hats.

The lesson I have learned from this:
Warn my son, next year, take the tassle off before you throw the hat.  You won't find it again.

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