Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Great Outdoors

After school today, I took a walk to the black top at School 26.  It is a beautiful sunny afternoon - pretty cold, but the sun is shining brightly.

Leading onto the black top is a little tiny hill.  It isn't much for sleigh riding, but it was fun when I was young, and when my kids where young.

Not only does School 26 have a lovely, though tiny, little hill, but now they also have a lovely playground.   You can see it because I took this lovely photo for you.

The sad part of this story is what I didn't find - and, honestly, what I didn't expect to find.   I did not find any kids playing outside.

No one will be surprised by this, I guess.  It is just the way things are.  No one feels safe enough to say to their kids "Go out and play, come home when it starts getting dark."  Like I said, I didn't expect to find anyone out there.  If there had been anyone on the playground I wouldn't have taken a photo, because that would be just wrong. 

Well, no one was there, so I snapped my photo and came home.  You can see that there are plenty of boot prints and sled trails, so someone was having fun yesterday, I guess.  Not today, though. 

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