Sunday, June 9, 2013


An Eagle Scout Service Project has just been completed at Matthew Jago School in Sewaren, by Iselin resident Jonathan Schmalenberger of Troop 44, Edison. Now that he has completed his Eagle Project, he hopes to be ready to attain the rank of Eagle early this fall.   Jon attends JFK High School. 

Jonathan choose P.A.C.E., (Program for the Advancement of Children's Education,) and Matthew Jago School for the project because of his affection for the autistic community.

Having family members with Autism and other disabilities and his desire to be a neurologist, it all just gels together to him wanting to make a difference to the special needs community.   He has volunteered for P.A.C.E. for the last 3 years, doing well over 60 hours each of the last 2 years.  Students from all over Woodbridge Township attend special programs at Matthew Jago School.

Jonathan planned the project and organized a group of volunteers, including members of his Troop 44, and members of Troop 143.  They took an empty courtyard and created a safe and attractive play space for the Autistic Preschool there.  He and his volunteers removed weeds and dirt and installed safe rubber mulch, a play house and a climbing toy, and a picnic table for the children to use.  They also painted the panels under the windows, using the colors of Autism.

This courtyard is being dedicated to the P.A.C.E. Program in honor of Charles Shaughnessy who was a member of the Colonia Knights of Columbus, and who did a lot for P.A.C.E.

There will be a ceremony at Matthew Jago School next Wednesday, June 12 at 7:00pm to dedicate the new play space, and it is expected that the Mayor and the Shaughnessy family will be attending, in addition to the Principal, Mr. Patten, and other School District representatives, and members of Troop 44.

Some of the volunteers -- from right, Mary Karafa, Co-President of P.A.C.E; Zack, Preston, Russell, Jake, Jon, Scott Kampe - Eagle Advisor, T44; Michael, Jim Crowell, Scoutmaster, T143; Anthony Calantoni, ASM, T143; Howard Kendrick, ASM, T44; Mel Jellison, Scoutmaster, T44; Krista, Kayla, Peter Romanienko, ASM, T44; Stewart Schmalenberger, ASM, T44; and, in the playhouse, T44's Committee Chair, Manny Coelho.


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  1. It so heart-warming to see a group of people help one another for the good of the community. Keep up the good work guys.