Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Garage Sale Weekend
and Free Bulk Pick up
coming soon!



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Woodbridge – Mayor John E. McCormac announced the return of FREE Township-wide garage sale weekends and bulk waste pick-up beginning April 6 in Menlo Park Terrace and Fords (Recycling District #5; Zones 1-5).  The Woodbridge Township “Spring Clean-Up 2013” includes permit-free Saturday and Sunday garage sale(s) followed by FREE curb-side bulk waste pick-up.  Go to the Township web page at for the special bulk waste collection schedule.  Residents participating in the garage sale weekend can advertise their garage or yard sale on the Township web page by logging on to:
“The tradition of Spring cleaning continues with the return of permit-free garage sale weekends followed by FREE bulk waste pick-up courtesy of the Township Department of Public Works,” said Mayor McCormac.  “This Spring, let’s step-up our clean-up and recycling efforts - what you don’t sell or give away on Saturday and Sunday - put at the curb for collection by Public Works on the scheduled day for bulk waste pick-up in your neighborhood. And, once again, you can advertise your garage sale on the Township web page free-of-charge – so log-on… advertise your yard sale or find out who is having the best garage sale in town.”
The Spring 2013 garage sale weekends and special bulk waste collection returns on April 6 to Menlo Park Terrance and Fords.  The bulk waste collection schedule is organized according to the residential “Recycling District” and “Zone.”  To find your District/Zone for the Spring 2013 Special Bulk Waste Pick-Up and Garage Sale schedule go to pages 5-13 in the 2013 Sanitation/Recycling calendar (which was mailed to every resident in January)… log-on to the Township web page at: (“Trash Collection & Recycling”)… or call Public Works at 732-738-1311 x3035 or 3049.

Spring 2013 Special Collection Guidelines:
Have your garage sale on Saturday & Sunday… what you don’t sell or give away will be picked up FREE the following week.  Place discarded items at curbside after 4:00 pm the Sunday after your garage sale weekend.  The bulk waste items will be collected according to the District/Zone schedule for your street.
Bulk Waste Items Include:  Furniture, Wood, Carpeting, Appliances & Mixed Metals.  Concrete, Brick and Block will be collected by appointment only; to schedule an appointment for the collection of concrete, brick or block, call 732-738-1311 x3043.  No Hazardous Waste, Tires, Paint, or Chemicals will be accepted.  The FREE bulk waste collection program is for Woodbridge Township Residents only! 
Contact the Woodbridge Township Department of Public Works at 732-738-1311 x3035 or 3049 or log-on to the Woodbridge Township Web page at: for more information about the FALL 2011 bulk waste collection program.
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