Friday, February 1, 2013

Don't Open your Doors
to just anyone!

This has been passed along to me by a friend, who wanted to let everyone in our area know to be on the lookout for this...  You need to be careful about opening your door to anyone!  Of course, that is always a smart idea, right?  But it is especially important now, because there are apparently people who are trying this scam locally right now.  So - be careful, and warn your children as well!  Keep your doors locked and don't open the door without first making sure that you know the person who is outside!

This is what I was told:

"My friend, who lives in Port Reading, shared this moments ago on her facebook page. I have her permission to share. I am very proud that she raised her children well as they wisely handled this situation and when you read my friend's story, you will know why I am glad they are safe.
Scary thing happened today (2/1/13) that I wanted to alert everyone to. Someone knocked on my door & my daughter opened the small window we have to view who is at the door. There was a guy (spikey hair possibly hispanic) at the door with a thick piece of wood asking for "(my friend's name)" at which my daughter asked what he wanted..he was persistent & attempting to get in the house by telling her that I sent him to "fix my mattress" and that she was to let him in right away to fix it. He went as far to tell her that I was on the phone and to open the door and he would let her talk to me. My saving grace was that my son was home & my daughter was smart enough not to open the door to call my son to the door. As soon as my son showed his face, the guy took off.
I called the Woodbridge Police and apparently this is going on in the area and they actually knocked someone to the ground when she opened the door and needless to say, not a pretty ending."

Thanks for sharing - and HEY!  Be careful out there!


  1. This is really alarming. As early as now, I already orient my 4-year kid not to open the gate or talk to someone he doesn't know. He should call my attention right away since I am always at home with him. We even padlock our gate most of the time to assure our safety.

  2. It should be pretty common sense advice for everyone. It's almost easier with a 4 year old. As the kids get older, (especially boys) think they can "handle" anything or anyone - and that's a false sense of security! I'm guilty of it myself, not making sure I lock the door behind me when I come in. I guess it's time to be more careful!